New Management Board of AviaAM Leasing AB is elected

ESPI Report no. 18/2016 Dated 24 November 2016

AviaAM Leasing AB (hereinafter – the “Company”) announces that due to expiration of the tenure of the Management Board, the Meeting of the Supervisory Council resolved to elect a new Management Board consisting of Mr. Tadas Goberis (General Manager of the Company), Mr. Justinas Gilys (Executive Director of the Company), Mr. Aurimas Sanikovas (Chief Financial Officer of Avia Solutions Group AB), Mr. Tomas Šidlauskas (Vice President Sales of the Company), Mr. Domas Girtavičius (Vice President Business Development of the Company) for the tenure of 4 years.

Furthermore, the Meeting of the Management Board elected Mr. Tadas Goberis (General Manager of the Company) as the Chairman of the Management Board of the Company.

The profiles of the members of the Management Board could be assessed at:

Source of information: Warsaw Stock Exchange


Tadas Goberis
General Manager
AviaAM Leasing AB