Avia AM
Aircraft Leasing

Operating Lease


As a core service area of AviaAM Leasing, the company maintains a broad portfolio of mid-life mainline narrow-body and regional jets for airlines seeking the benefits afforded by an operating lease. By this, AviaAM Leasing is capable of providing to its lessees:

  • Enhanced flexibility for the introduction of new routes or aircraft;
  • Lower financial outlay requirements;
  • No residual value risk;
  • Off-balance – sheet financing entry;
  • Value based propositions.

Additionally, AviaAM Leasing offers individually tailored lease terms ensuring optimal suitability for its clients.


Finance Lease


For lessees looking to acquire an aircraft, AviaAM Leasing provides structured financial products to ensure a seamless transfer of ownership at the end of the lease term.



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