Aircraft trading

AviaAM Leasing works in three areas of aircraft trading: aircraft acquisition, aircraft acquisition services and aircraft sales, ensuring cost-effective and quality driven service. From collaboration with the marketers to locating the best buyers, AviaAM Leasing covers all steps to a successful aircraft trade.


Aircraft Acquisition

AviaAM Leasing is focused on developing its fleet, thus collaborating with leading market players. The company has experience in the acquisition of the variety of aircraft – from long-range wide-body aircraft to regional jets.

Aircraft Sales

AviaAM Leasing focuses its selling efforts in accordance with the best terms and conditions available in the market. The company’s ability to match buyers with the most suitable aircraft options ensures strong value-based propositions.

Aircraft Acquisition Services

For clients looking to acquire new or pre-owned aircraft, AviaAM Leasing holds the necessary expertise and infrastructure in order to identify the most suitable and optimally priced opportunities available on the Europe, Middle East, CIS and Asia-Pacific markets.