Asset management

AviaAM Leasing is aptly positioned to provide aircraft owners, financiers and investors with all asset management services necessary to manage an aircraft portfolio.

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Technical Asset Management Services

The partnership with Avia Solutions Group allows the company to provide one-stop-shop for you – starting from the asset health monitoring and inspections and ending with ground handling of the aircraft.

Fleet Asset Management Services

Due to expertise of the company in the aviation market, AviaAM Leasing provides market analysis and/or positioning of the assets, fleet management services. At the same time, deep knowledge and close relationship with key market players in the emerging markets ensures the most beneficial transactions in the given situations.

Aircraft Remarketing Services

Aircraft remarketing is an integral function of AviaAM Leasing. It is the company’s aim to provide all the necessary tools and assistance to place aircraft with the most appropriate scenario in a timely manner.