Company profile

Our Background


Profound knowledge of target aviation and aircraft markets. With long-running experience in the region, our experts have amassed deep knowledge of these markets.

Cost-effective transaction solutions. Through our extensive network of contacts we are able to pinpoint aircraft in restricted and/or controlled circumstances, including foreclosure, high risk asset transactions and other similar situations. This provides us with the ability to acquire assets below fundamental market value.


Our Strategy


Throughout the years we have accumulated extensive experience in the business of aircraft leasing, trading, consulting and asset management. We are confident to further strengthen our position by:

  • Maintaining the commitment to our target assets thus allowing us to generate attractive yields;
  • Accumulating unique intelligence on off-market transactions based on our tight relationships with aircraft lessors, Airlines, financial institutions and brokers;
  • Instantly reacting to the latest market developments in order to achieve long-term goals through asset acquisition during market downturns;
  • Developing flexible resale strategies which don‘t bind us to the sale of assets on disadvantageous terms during market downturns.