Consulting services

The consultancy services of AviaAM Leasing are backed by years of experience, the pooling of industry expertise and through collaboration with leading market players and institutions. The company focuses its advisory services on aircraft fleet structuring, asset financial planning, market research and assessment as well as solutions for aircraft insurance.

Aircraft Fleet Structuring

Years of experience have enabled AviaAM Leasing to provide fitting advice on appropriate fleet selection and organisation in line with the current size and expansion plans of your business.

Financial Planning

AviaAM Leasing is well positioned to provide individually tailored advice regarding the best approach to manage your aircraft financial investments. Whether it is mitigating asset depreciation risk or optimising your finances through aircraft leasing or outright acquisition – AviaAM Leasing can devise the ideal strategies for you.

Market Research & Assessment

With unrivalled access to valuable market intelligence, AviaAM Leasing supports its clients with complete, up-to-date and accurate market information. Ongoing research ensures that the company’s clients remain at the forefront of the industry, allowing them to make timely and optimal business decisions.

Aircraft Insurance Solutions

In close partnership with aircraft insurance providers, AviaAM Leasing supports its clients with structuring risk and cost effective aircraft insurance programmes.