Leasing consulting

Our team has 10+ years of consulting expertise in attracting investment from the world’s` leading banks and direct mediation with financial institutions around the world. Integrated one-stop-shop solutions, that comes along with financing service, turns successful partnership into the highest level cooperation based on mutual trust and maximum results.

Reliable intermediary between
lessors and lessees

AviaAM Leasing is small enough to be responsive to unique needs, as well large enough to execute the biggest deals in the aircraft leasing market. AviaAM Leasing is proud of having TOP level experienced in aircraft leasing technical, legal and project management team in house, which allows company swiftly and comprehensively evaluate project in order to provide advisory service with highest attention to every detail. Focusing on structured finance advisory and full scope transaction management we are providing bespoke consulting services turning possibilities into exceeding results.

Other services


150+ multicomplex aircraft transactions valued over $2 billion 


Global financial know-how for structuring aviation-based investment


Diversified leasing portfolio possibilities for sustainable ROI growth