AviaAM Leasing, a global provider of tailored aircraft leasing and trading services, has announced the sale of one Airbus 321-200 to Aergo Capital with lease attached to SmartLynx Airlines. The aircraft was acquired earlier this year and, after comprehensive technical preparation, refurbishment and repainting, has been leased to Latvian ACMI operator. Currently, the aircraft is being operated by the lessee under ACMI contract with German leisure airline – Condor. “We are delighted on the accomplishment of one more challenging project. Our team, together with sister company FL Technics, has once again demonstrated effectiveness and flexibility in responding to clients` needs. Cooperation with SmartLynx gains even more acceleration, thus we are looking for bright and constantly developing business future,” says Tadas Goberis, Chairman and CEO of AviaAM Leasing.