Rail cars

Working with the global financial markets allows us to implement complex projects for capital intensive rail industry, bringing optimised solutions that connects investors, manufacturers and operators. Our full advisory and management services complies to the substantial specific rolling stock requirements and directly conducts the entrenchment to the diversified rail business cooperation around the EMEA countries. 

Among the globe’s TOP-50 aircraft
leasing companies.

Through our Joint Venture in China currently we have assured purchase and ownership of 1000 rail cars that are used to transport goods such as coal, metal, wood and other heavy products. With 10.000 units on order and the total potential financing value of the assets up to €5oo Million, our company is ready to work on executing and consulting on customised financial and operating lease solutions for short-term and long-term rail-cars orders.

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150+ multicomplex aircraft transactions valued over $2 billion 


Global financial know-how for structuring aviation-based investment


10+ years of expertise in large scale asset financing projects